About us

Welcome to Diriya Co-Op Business Bank in Sri Lanka

Diriya Co-OP Business Bank is a unique bank committed to uplifting the standards of living for low income Sri Lankan families with its range of micro finance activities. The clientele of the bank, among others, consists of Craftmens, fisherman, vendors and laborers and business owners, making us truly a people’s development bank. Feel welcome to explore the links below and in order to learn more about our institution.

Diriya Co -Op Business Bank will develop and maintain a permanent customer base and delight our customers by providing high quality, innovative and competitive financial products and services to ensure the highest return possible in the market on share holders capital.

Specialized products/services will be provided to our special customers such as Diriya Co -Op Buisiness Bank, the Co-operative sector as well as CBOs and NGOs.

We will do so by expanding our existing outreach through the available network and use of modern technology in the banking sector.

To our credit, we will develop and maintain a highly competent, motivate team of employees committed to the achievement of excellence in service leading to the realization of our main goals of ensuring the financial viability of the bank and national development.